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Dream, Believe, Achieve
We currently have spaces in Nursery AM and PM, Year 1 and Year 2. Please contact the school office for more information.
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Dream, Believe, Achieve

Year 2


Lessons are taught as a class, set or in small group situations, taking account of children’s differing learning styles. The children are set in ability groups and all work is matched to their individual needs. Each class in the year group covers the same work to promote equal opportunities.

English, Maths, Science, Music, Religious Education and Physical Education are taught as discreet subjects in school. However, the school has adopted a thematic topic-based approach to incorporate these core subjects into other subject areas. This type of approach helps children to use and apply skills and make links across the curriculum.



In Year 2, children read in a group situation, concentrating on skills of fluency, expression and comprehension. They also have individual readers, which they are able to bring home on a daily basis. The individual readers are matched to the child’s ability and are chosen from a wide variety of graded, colour-banded books. Parents are asked to listen to their children read on a regular basis at home and complete their child’s reading record accordingly.

Each week, children are also taught specific comprehension skills within their ability set. This reinforces the teaching and learning from the group reading activities.


The school teaches writing using the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach, developed by Pie Corbett. In Year 2, children are taught how to write in a wide variety of genres, i.e. instructions, reports, stories, poems etc. The key focus is for children to develop their independent writing skills, such as punctuation, grammar, spelling and composition.

Handwriting and Presentation

The children develop a joined style of handwriting in Year 2. They are also expected to present their work neatly and to a high standard.

Children are taught phonic skills in smaller ability groups. The school uses an online phonics programme, ‘Phonics Bug’ and parents and children also have access to a range of books and activities at home to support the learning in school.



In Year 2 children’s basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are further embedded and children are taught to apply these fluently, through problem solving and reasoning activities. These are linked to real life situations whenever possible. Other maths topics taught include measurement, geometry, and statistics. Children learn to use a variety of methods and resources including mental arithmetic, tens and units, Numicon, counters, number lines and grids.


In Year 2, we continue to encourage and nurture a child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for the environment around them. Through practical experiences and active learning, children are taught to plan, do, record and review. They are encouraged to observe, identify, classify, compare, discuss, question and record their findings. Pupils learn about materials, living things, the natural environment, weather and the seasons.


In their computing lessons, children are taught how to use computers safely, securely and appropriately. They learn how to write simple programs as basic computer code.


Opportunities for pupils to design, make and evaluate their work are linked to the creative topics as well as to everyday contexts. Children are encouraged to use their creative ideas as they learn how to build structures and make simple moving mechanisms.


Pupils develop their awareness of the past and specific historical events. They learn about the lives of significant individuals in the past. Where possible, links are made with other areas of the curriculum, and skills in Literacy are embedded through historical study.


Pupils develop their knowledge of the local area, the United Kingdom and of the world. They compare and contrast different locations and learn to use basic geographical vocabulary.


Children use a range of materials, techniques and styles to develop their creative ideas and skills. They investigate use of colour, pattern, texture and learn about famous artists and works of art. Pupils’ art work is displayed around school.


The school aims to give each child the chance to extend their musical skills by listening and responding to different styles of music. Pupils have opportunities to develop their sense of rhythm and pitch as well as the chance to perform with others to an audience, by singing or playing percussion instruments. A peripatetic music teacher teaches singing and music skills for two terms in Year 2.


Pupils are taught about a variety of religions in order to increase understanding and acceptance of their own and others’ religious beliefs. During the year, children visit St Bernard’s church and in year 2, pupils also visit a local Mosque.


PE is taught by professional sports coaches from The Albion Foundation. Throughout the year, pupils are taught a wide range of physical skills, including dance, gymnastics and games. Year 2 pupils also go swimming during the Spring Term.


This is taught using circle time activities, assemblies and through cross curricular themes. Children are taught about their own and others’ cultures and to show respect and understanding of British Values. Key skills such as understanding emotions, feelings, co-operation, communication and good behaviour are promoted in everything we do.