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Dream, Believe, Achieve

Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 Page...

Our Year 1 classes are Hedgehogs and Owl class.

Here you will find out about what's happening in Year 1...

Preparing for Year 2

What can you do with your child to get them ready for Year 2?



  • Read and spell the CEW for Y1 and Y2 (see attached)
  • To recap Phase 3 sounds and be secure in Phase 5 sounds (see attached)



  • Write a series of sentences independently using full stops, capital letters, joining words and adjectives.
  • To use question marks and exclamation marks
  • Spell the days of the week and numbers to 20



  • Fluently count forwards and backwards to 100, and recognise all numbers up to 100 (read and write)
  • Recite 10 x tables
  • Know all shapes names (2D and 3D)
  • Draw and count 10's and 1's to make an number


Summer Term


Week 5 Homework - 9.7.21


Art/Creative - Show your support for the football team in the Euro finals! Create your own flag, bake a cake or dress up. Send a picture on the Dojo to show your support! 


Maths - Play the odd and even game to become fluent with odd and even numbers up to 100 


Challenge: Try sorting numbers in this game



Week 4 Homework - 2.7.21


Maths - Download the worksheet below and practise counting how many tens and ones there are. 

Challenge- Get an adult to write down a number up to 100 and then draw the tens and ones next to it. 


D&T - Research the types of food you would find in a bakery.  Ask an adult to help you find a recipe and have a go at baking your own. Send in pictures of your creations through the portfolio section of the dojo. 



Week 3 Homework - 25.6.21


Maths - Practise your number bonds to 10 and 20. You can use and click on "Number bonds" - Take a picture of your high score to 10 and then to 20. This will help you with your learning next week.


History - Create your own timeline of your life so far. Try to include key events such as when you were born and the year you started school for example




Week 2 - 18.6.21 - Homework


Maths - Put the following coins in a pile- 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2. 

Identify the value of each coin and then put them in order of value smallest to largest.

Challenge- Practise making different amounts using the coins. e.g 25p, 30p, 75p etc


English - Read a book on rising stars or phonics bug. Write a few sentences to explain what happens in the book and then write a sentence to say why you enjoyed the book or didn't. Remember to use 'because' to explain your answer.


Week 1 - 11.6.21 - Homework


Maths - Practise measuring capacity ready for your lessons next week. Use jugs, bottles or cups to fill them with water. Use the words "full", "empty", "half full", "nearly full" and "nearly empty" when measuring.

Take a picture or video and send it on the Dojo to your class teacher of your labelled bottles/cups,


English - Log in to your Phonics Bug account and read two books over the weekend. Remember to click the Phonics Bug eyes at the beginning and end of the story. Also, check to see if you have any games to play too!




Our topic this half term is...

Week 6 - 28.5.21 - Homework


Maths - Download the worksheet below and practise partitioning numbers into tens and ones, up to 100.


English - Use the internet with an adult to research the Great Fire of London.  Write down some facts you have found out.

When did it happen? Where did it happen? How did it happen? What happened?


Remember to use Rising Stars and Phonics Bug to read your online books during half term.



Week 5 Homework - 25.5.21

Maths - Download the worksheet below and compare numbers up to 100 using >,< and =


English - Write some questions about our new topic for after the half term break.

Our topic is "The Great Fire of London". What would you like to find out? Use question marks.


Week 4 - 14.5.21 - Homework


Maths - Practise 1 more and 1 less up to 100. Pick a number up to 100 and find one more and one less. If you want a challenge...try 2 more, 3 more, 4 more and less.


English - Write a set of instructions using First, Next, Then and Finally. You could write about making cupcakes, a sandwich or something you choose. Remember your full stops and capital letters. Also, try to make your sentences longer using and, so, but or because.


Remember to use Rising Stars to read your online books too.


Week 3 - 7.5.21 - Homework

Maths: Find food or things around your house and practise cutting them into halves and quarters. Get an adult to help you. 


English: Practise spelling the days of the week independently ready for your quiz at school next week. 


Week 2 - 1.5.21 - Homework

Maths: Practise writing your numbers from 1 - 20 in digits and words. Also, practise counting from any number up to 100. Remember to use "teen" and "ty" carefully.


English: Visit Rising Stars to read a book online. Now use the "Book Review" template to write about the story you have read.



Week 1 - 23.4.2021 Homework

Maths: Follow the link below to the fluency games
Select Level 1--> Addition --> Up to 10 adding ones. 
Choose a timed amount of time and write down your answers. Try to use your mental maths.


English: Use the sequencing pictures below to write the story of Handa's Surprise.

You can remind yourself of the story here: 


Our topic this half term is ALL AROUND THE WORLD

What are we learning about in Year 1?