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Dream, Believe, Achieve
Our September 2024 Reception classes Open Evening will be held on Tuesday 5th December 2023 at 4pm
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Dream, Believe, Achieve


Science Curriculum Statement



The aim at Hamstead Infant School is to provide children with an ambitious, coherent curriculum allowing children to develop their confidence and independence regardless of their independent needs. We provide a broad and engaging curriculum based on the EYFS Development Matters and National Curriculum allowing children to explore, investigate and build on their scientific knowledge. We aim to provide children with the skills to begin to understand the world we live in by working scientifically and being curious.  


Our Curriculum Drivers are used to personalise the curriculum to meet the needs of the children within the school with the aim to provide challenge for all: 

Language- Children to be be able to use a rich, varied and extensive range of vocabulary, linked to the Science curriculum. Children are encouraged to communicate their thoughts and ideas when working scientifically and use a range of scientific vocabulary in the correct contexts. Children are encouraged to be curious and ask questions about what they notice and observations they make and communicate their ideas with others.  

Independence- Children will take part in engaging and exciting Science lessons, where they can experiment, investigate, explore and develop a love of science and good understanding of the world we live in. Children will have the opportunity to use their mathematic skills to present and analyse data and work scientifically.  

Outdoor- Children will be given the opportunity to experience their learning through outdoor opportunities and to use what is around them in the immediate and local area to enhance their scientific knowledge. Children will have the chance to build on their knowledge of the world around them through Forest School sessions and trips to Sandwell Valley.  



Science is taught weekly following the Twinkl Planit Science scheme. 

Continuous provision provides opportunities for children to reinforce and retrieve information and skills. It provides children with the independence to become active learners and explore whilst challenging their learning. 

Outdoor learning is encouraged and pupils are given opportunities to learn outside the classroom with the use of continuous provision, Forest School, Sandwell Valley walks and educational visits. 

Children’s skills are developed and built upon throughout their school journey to allow them to gain a deeper knowledge and confidently use skills. Misconceptions are explored and used to adapt children’s learning.  

The science subject leader will share their subject knowledge with staff and provide support.  

Teachers and children will use a varied range of vocabulary linked to the science curriculum. 

In Science lessons, children are encouraged to talk, experiment and investigate at every opportunity through a range of guided and independent activities. 

The teaching of science across the school meets the needs of all individual learners and provides a safe and inclusive environment for all. 



Children who leave Hamstead Infant School will have achieved their personal best, be confident, independent learners who are ready for the next stage of their education. 

Children are able to develop and use the skills and language learnt linked to their scientific knowledge apply these independently.  

Children will have a depth of scientific knowledge and skills and a good understanding of the world we live in.  

Children will be able to ask questions and know how to investigate to find out answers.  

Children will be independent learners who are engaged by the exploration of the subject and will be excited to investigate to find answers to their questions.  

Our ambitious and engaging curriculum provides children with a love of learning so they ‘Know more, Remember more’.