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Reception / Year 3 September 2022

Apply Online for your Reception / Year 3 place for September 2022


This is to give you notice that you will soon need to apply for a Reception or Junior (Year 3) school place for your child.  You will be able to apply online at during the period from

Monday 13 September 2021 until the closing date of Saturday 15 January 2022.


You can only apply for Reception if your child’s date of birth falls between 01/09/2017 and 31/08/2018


NON Sandwell residents must contact their home Authority


Now is the time to start thinking about your options.  When considering which schools to apply for, we suggest that you look for details of open days/evenings which will be publicised on the schools and council's website and local press.  Consider how closely you meet the school's admission criteria and visit the council's website to view our parent information which will be published in late July 2021.


To assist you with your online application, further information will be sent to Sandwell residents in September.


Don't worry, if you don't have a computer at home you can also apply from one of Sandwell's 19 libraries and at Sandwell primary schools that offer computer support.  You may also apply from a mobile device (eg smartphone or tablet).



  • You cannot apply for a reception or junior school (Year 3) place before 13th September 2021
  • To have the best chance of getting the school you prefer you must apply before 15th January 2022


Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Parent Support Line - 0121 569 6765