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Welcome to our Reception Page...

Our Reception classes are Badgers and Foxes class.


Here you will find out about what's happening in Reception...


Badgers Teacher: Miss Cook

Foxes Teacher: Mrs Hopkins 


Our topic this half term is.....

Nature Detectives


The content of our areas of learning this half term -


Prime Areas of Learning:

Literacy - Communication and Language

  • Using language and words linked to our topic
  • 'Hot seating' characters where children get to pretend to be characters and ask characters questions
  • Understanding positional words - in, on, under, beside, behind, in front
  • Understand and learn how to ask 'Why' questions
  • Listening to and copying simple short phrases correctly


Physical Development - 

  • Children will hold their pencils, crayons using a tripod grip (Please ask your class teacher to model this if you are unsure)
  • Children will explore gymnastics where they will learn different ways of balancing on parts of their bodies, work with friends and begin to sequence simple movements including rolling in different ways.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - 

  • Children will learn and identify their strengths
  • Understand how to be good role models 
  • Understand the importance of trying our best
  • Understand how our well-being is important and ways to support this

Specific Areas of Learning:

Literacy - Reading -

  • Children will revise the sounds -  s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e,u,r,h,b,f,ff,l,ll,ss
  • Children will learn the sounds - j,v,w,x,y,z and begin to learn ch,sh,th and ng
  • Children will blend cvc words such as  hat, sit etc using the above sounds when reading and read simple sentences by sounding out 

Literacy - Writing - 

  • Children will be encouraged to think of simple sentences and use their knowledge of sounds to attempt to write with some sounds used correctly in words
  • Children will learn how to form correctly the letters - r,n,m,h,b,k,p

Mathematical Development - 

  • Children will understand numbers up to 7 (collect, show, recognise numbers to 7)
  • Subitise using numbers to 5 (recognise how many in a group up to 5 without counting

Understanding The World:

  • Children will begin to understand the purpose of maps and create simple maps using construction and by drawing simple maps to help the wolf find the three pigs cottages
  • Children will observe the weather conditions and begin to understand how materials and fabric are used to keep us dry regarding clothing in Winter time
  • Children will think about what hobbies are and what are their talents
  • Children will learn about the Royal family, princes and princesses
  • Children will understand that traditional stories are stories from the past and that other stories are based on present times
  • Children will explore ice, looking at freezing and melting and how we can change ice by adding salt and why salt is used when the floor is icy

Expressive Art and Design

Music -

  • Children will begin Music with Mrs Ashmore (Our visiting music teacher)
  • The will learn new songs
  • They will learn names and how to play basic percussion instruments
  • They will practise maintaining a regular beat and play percussion instruments in time to music

Art and Design -

  • Children will sort different types of fabric, looking at colour, pattern and texture.  They will decorate and put clothes on the big bad wolf.
  • Children will create a simple Winter collage using different materials where they will refine  and practise their cutting skills
  • Children will use junk to create models and join them together using different methods (tape, glue, glue sticks, staplers and string)
  • Children will plan and design simple prince/princess puppets then create them
  • Children will look at the illustrations of Paddington Bear and the designer leading to their own creations of Paddington
  • Children will then create their own character and make decisions as to how they will do this