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Dream, Believe, Achieve


Music Curriculum Statement



The aim at Hamstead Infant School is to provide children with an ambitious, coherent curriculum allowing children to develop their confidence and independence regardless of their independent needs. We provide a broad and engaging curriculum based on the EYFS Development Matters and National Curriculum allowing children to extend their knowledge and understanding of how music is created and performed We aim to provide children with the skills to become independent and responsible musicians by encouraging children to use their voices and instruments to express their creativity.  


Our Curriculum Drivers are used to personalise the curriculum to meet the needs of the children within the school with the aim to provide challenge for all: 

Language- Children will be able to communicate confidently within their music lessons and be given the skills to use a rich and varied range of vocabulary, which is linked to the elements of music. The children will be given opportunities to communicate their thoughts and opinions on their own work and the work others. When learning new song words children are introduced to new vocabulary, poetry and rhythm.   

Independence- Children will take part in creative and engaging Music lessons, where they children will be given the opportunity to create, explore and perform and develop a love of music whilst increasing self- confidence and creativity.  Through their music lessons and outdoor learning opportunities children will have the opportunity to use a range of percussion instruments and their voices independently.  

Outdoor- Children will be given the opportunity to experience their learning through outdoor opportunities. Both the EYFS and KS1 area have a musical instrument area outdoors, which is available for children to use. They can use their skills to perform, create and explore using different sounds. Children will also participate in forest school sessions where music is incorporated into routines and learning.   



Music is taught by a specialist peripatetic music teacher, learning and skills are shared between her and the subject lead to ensure consistency and accuracy.  

Children engage with daily assemblies where they are given singing opportunities. 

Continuous provision in EYFS provides constant music opportunities in the outdoor area. Children are encouraged to become independent active learners and explore whilst challenging their learning. 

Children’s skills are developed and built upon throughout their school journey to allow them to gain a deeper knowledge and confidently use skills. Misconceptions are explored and used to adapt children’s learning.  

Staff attend music lessons to support their own professional development and the music subject leader has a music degree and is available to support staff when needed. 

Teachers and children will use a varied range of vocabulary linked to the elements of music. 

The teaching of Music across the school meets the needs of all individual learners and provides a safe and inclusive environment for all.  

Children are encouraged to be active, talk, experiment and use their imagination at every opportunity during music lessons.  



Children who leave Hamstead Infant School will have achieved their personal best, be confident, independent learners who are ready for the next stage of their education. 

Children are able to develop and use the skills and language learnt related to the elements of music and apply these independently.  

Children will have developed the skills to express themselves and be creative and use these skills independently.  

Our ambitious and engaging curriculum provides children with a love of learning so they ‘Know more, Remember more’.