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Dream, Believe, Achieve


History Curriculum Statement



The aim at Hamstead Infant School is to provide children with an ambitious, coherent curriculum allowing children to develop their confidence and independence regardless of their independent needs. We provide a broad and engaging curriculum based on the EYFS Development Matters and National Curriculum allowing children to extend their knowledge and understanding of significant events and individuals from the past. We aim to provide children with the skills needed to be a historian such as asking questions, thinking critically, and making their own judgements based on a range of evidence. 


Our Curriculum Drivers are used to personalise the curriculum to meet the needs of the children within the school with the aim to provide challenge for all: 

Language- Children to be able to use a rich, varied and extensive range of historical vocabulary. Children are encouraged to be curious, ask increasingly challenging questions about people and events in the past and be able to talk confidently about their own opinions.  

Independence- Children will take part in informative and engaging history lessons, where they will analyse a range of sources and develop their own opinions.  

Outdoor- Children will be given the opportunity to experience their learning through outdoor opportunities and to use what is around them in the immediate and local area to enhance their learning. They will learn about the history of Hamstead including mining, homes, shops and the history of the school itself.  



The history curriculum is taught both discreetly and in a cross curricular approach.  

In EYFS continuous provision provides children with opportunities to develop a sense of past and present.  

In KS1 children have 3 history topics with each one taught over a half term. In each topic lessons are sequenced and have a key question as the focus for that lesson. The key questions allow children to analyse a range of historical sources, investigate historical artefacts, take part in debates and make their own judgements.  

Children also engage in history days and trips throughout the year.  

Children’s skills are developed and built upon throughout their school journey to allow them to gain a deeper knowledge and confidently use skills. Misconceptions are explored and used to adapt children’s learning.  

Children are encouraged to be active, talk, experiment and use their imagination at every opportunity through a range of guided and independent activities. 



Children who leave Hamstead Infant School will have achieved their personal best, be confident, independent learners who are ready for the next stage of their education. 

Children are able to develop and use the skills and language learnt related to history and apply these independently.  

Children will have a depth of knowledge about historical events and individuals.  

Our ambitious and engaging curriculum provides children with a love of learning so they ‘Know more, Remember more’.